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I know that you could be dating a old guy. But i'm just curious, how would you propose on aj. And i know this isn't a dating site! Well dating in animal jam can be normal normal because prople dont know the person who are dating but you can talk with it in skipe and se the answer if if they can be lovers. Their is not really anyway but you could just find out how old about that guy on skype or something but your right animal jam is not a dating sight so i would just stick with being buddy's sorry that i didn't now what to do. All you have to do is have a meet your match party at your den or attend anothers and when the time is right you just say 'will you merry me? I have been married on aj and then devorced it did not work out i still have the dimond ring he gave so if you animal jam dating got out of hand member that is ones way to show you are married buy a ring and wear it both boy and girl!!! And a happy marrige to all those love birds out there!

XD i just thought this might be a story lol but u srsly told us how to hack O. How do i hack animal jam accounts usi kali linux and how do i hack aj recently took my old account back and i lost all my stuff my user was georgie10 because paypal refunded my mum didnt want it to and i lost all my stuff i just want help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get back at someone for stealing from me in AJ, and need info on how to do it. I need to know so that I can get back at alll the people who scammed me. Someone scammed me of my orange long, and I know their users so I would like to know. XD I was curious how Wiasteriamoon got hacked, and all those other great people, but you shouldn't use it for bad, soooo Any tips on how to animal jam dating got out of hand Hacking people because they hacked you doesn't make you any better.

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I think They are all acting like little kids. One's being disincluded, while the other is crying about it. To be honest, I think AJHQ over reacted a tiny bit cause honestly, Julian didn't mean to get suspended it was probably just a mistake and everyone makes mistakes. But also I think Julian over reacted too when he decided to quit YouTube and leave AJ, like they never said he couldn't keep making videos or playing AJ. Like seriously. Then he decides to stay. He probaly wanted to animal jam dating got out of hand because it is sorta like he was advertising for a game. Ajhq disrepsected him and gave him shade. I wouldn't want to make there game look good either.

Sorry, but I feel much better in a relationship knowing that a man cherishes me, and I know I am not likely too get that from a significantly younger man. I know have learned through experience that while you still have to be choosy, you will feel much more cherished by a slightly older man. You hit the nail on the head. I am 33 and never had trouble attracting men in their 30s. I ended up with a man who is 39, I guess there are plenty of men and women animal jam dating got out of hand are in the same age range who find one another.

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