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His responses are in blueand mine are in pink. If we foster these relationships now, and show them how to continuously pursue a healthy marriage, it can have lasting positive results in their own marriages one day. What a great security we can give them when they see that mommy and daddy are dedicated still dating my spouse one another! Although it could help there too. Dating is also about getting time to talk about what we are doing right, and what needs fixed. We are better parents when we use our dates to work on things, and that IS what is best for our kids.

They make it a point to go on regular dates with each other and say prioritising the spousal relationship provides the bedrock for a secure family environment, even though it can be challenging to carve out such couple time. The value of date nights is backed by research, says Ms Judith Alagirisamy, a family life specialist at Focus on the Family Singapore. The study found that married couples who spent time together every week were significantly more likely to report being "very happy" in their relationships, compared with others who did still dating my spouse have such regular time together. Having such one-on-one time helps foster resilient relationships at a time when divorce rates are increasing, says Ms Alagirisamy.

Love is work and work can be fun, but sometimes hard and always worth it. Keep the marriage fresh and lively. Like 3 members like this Share Tweet Facebook. Nest is fixing to be empty..????
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