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In one response, you mentioned that one of your ex-girlfriends had not communicated a concern she had with you about being moody, anxious, etc. I have a moody boyfriend, and it seems that just about anything negative that happens in his life can get him in a bad mood. He just backs away, and stays there, sometimes for days. Sometimes I just ignore it, go about my business, and wait for him to re-emerge. I disagree. Since you mentioned being moody, Dating a moody person was wondering — is that a thing of the past? Are you still moody, and if so, how does your wife deal with it?

If you allow another person's mood to drag you down, not only do you sacrifice your own sense of well-being, you also risk straining the relationship. For example, responding to his rude insults with more insults will drive you apart. Instead, aim to maintain a positive mood during your interactions with the moody man, dating a moody person certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator practitioner Vlad Rapoport in the article, "Learning How to Deal with Moody People. Don't take the man's words personally, suggests Rapoport. It's probable that he was already in a bad mood, and you just happened to be one of many targets of the mood swing. Take his insults and glares with a grain of salt, and realize he is responsible for his own emotions. By acknowledging this, you not only increase the chances of maintaining your own positive mood, but you also allow room for empathetic communication.

How should you deal with a moody boyfriend or spouse? He is very moody and has a lot of anxiety. How should I deal with him? Please help.
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Some people even profess to being attracted to moody types unpredictability can be interestingbut if you're over thirty chronologically or emotionallythen moodiness in others has probably lost its appeal. What is attractive is substance in a person and variation: playfulness, intelligence, humour, artiness, talents, individuality, and diverse interests. Multi-facetness is, to me at least, more appealing. Constant moodiness quickly becomes wearisome. Those who romanticize moodiness probably don't have to live with it. Being moody isn't something those afflicted with moods choose, so stop abusing them, Mark! The teenage years are a classic time for moodiness. Because of youth and wayward hormones, the teen may not have learned to manage their emotions and, to be fair, the prefrontal lobes of the brain which, in dating a moody person, govern self-control and mood management don't stop physically developing until around age 21 - at which time the young adult we're hoping becomes better at bigger picture thinking and impulse control 1. A moody person may be going through a difficult stage in their lives; they may be exhausted, ill, chronically worried, or lacking what they need in terms of love, sleep, challenge, or security. Such people need to be listened to, supported, and cared for; and certainly clinical depression and other 'mood disorders' will entail mood extremes and fluctuations.

Dealing with moody people can become tiresome in the long-term. Try to be understanding. Some people are dating a moody person going through a difficult time. Teenagers are prone to all sorts of hormonal issues that make managing their emotions challenging. Sometimes people are depressed, sick, tired, or chronically upset about something in their lives. Take a break. Go do something fun and get away for a bit. Find a non-moody person to talk to for 15 minutes.

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