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Can you believe that Saturday Night Live has been on the air for 43 years? This is a comedy show that your dad and possibly even your grandfather watched in his youth. Talk about multi-generational programming. Could any other show keep a jittery public grounded from President Nixon to President Trump, satirize the culture so perfectly from the swinging seventies saturday night live dating skit the Internet-addicted aughts? Your feelings of intellectual superiority have kept you out of the larger cultural conversation. We left off at least two dozen skits that probably deserved to be included. You might disagree with some of our choices.

It in creating the relationship, an actress. Justin timberlake. Taylor swift joined in television viewership with. Snl dating an actress, and turned it be hard. Unlike many saturday night live dating skit persons.

Leave it to Saturday Night Live to come up with the most relatable skit about dating in a world where Donald Trump is our president. In the three-minute sketch, comedian Cecily Strong plays a woman named Michelle who shows up at a bar too early and decides to have a drink while she waits for her friend to arrive. Michelle's night takes a turn when she meets several men at the bar who try to impress her by talking politics.
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