is dating in high school good or bad

Dorothy Briggs, 30 years old

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When I was 14, I chose not to date until I had graduated high school. I never wavered on this decision my freshman and sophomore years of high school. But junior year? Well, I was crushing hard on someone and could not remember why on earth I committed to no dating in high school. That winter, my youth group had a lock-in and one of my really close friends who was 2 years older than me and so had already graduated high school came to help out. I had previously talked to her about my crush and my decision not to date in high school. Around 3 AM, I asked her if we could chat. She and I then grabbed a piece of paper and brainstormed all the is dating in high school good or bad and cons of dating in high school.

There's nothing wrong with dating as a teenager. People date, have sex casual or not fall in love, break up, get their feelings hurt, but without lasting damage. But the same issues that sometimes occur in adult relationshipsemotional or physical abuse, sexual assault, cheating, STDs, unplanned pregnancies--do occur in some teenage relationships. Many adults find it difficult to deal with one or more of those circumstances; teens who have less is dating in high school good or bad experience and and intellectual resources are left even worse off in how to deal with them.

When I was in middle school, I always felt like a loser when my friends would have a boyfriend. It was normally one of those silly middle school relationships, but I wanted that. Here are some good and bad things I have discovered while being in a relationship for two years of high school. Since my boyfriend and I started dating, I felt like I lost touch with a lot of my girl-friends in school.
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Staying up all night, sleeping in, rushing to is dating in high school good or bad assignments, plotting the next move to make the high school heartthrob take a second look, all while consuming more amounts of caffeine a human body is able to sustain easily sums up the "teen years," or the time spent more on materialistic and superficial issues than any other time in one's life. Although this kind of lifestyle appears to be innocent, the dangers are just beneath the surface. One of the most challenging battles a teenager faces is disguised in candy hearts and sappy love notes. Dating in high school has increased the vulnerability and insecurities of teens all over, creating distractions that narrow the success of their futures and halt the growth in one's self. Dating at a young age has only increased these hazardous distractions that prevent high schoolers from focusing on the important matters of their world. Responsibilities like homework, grades, standardized testing and planning for the future are being sacrificed for the investment in a relationship. This further results in a double failure when teenagers lose their interest in class because of problems in the relationship.

Students are very vulnerable beings and at their age they face a lot of challenges in schools especially in the field of academics and sports due to which they they are in constant pressure regarding their performance and if they are distracted because of dating like fallout with their partner they tend to get into depression which will hamper their life which will lead to depression. Relationships are horrible and prey on the innocent. Innocent people get hurt for no real reason while cruel and undeserving people are praised. It is in this rigged system that society runs backwards; equal opportunity does no exist. Relationships are just like war, and like war, it will always is dating in high school good or bad to exist.

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