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Professional matchmaking used to be a service used almost exclusively by wealthy men with the disposable income to have someone else sort through business model matchmaking choppy waters of the dating pool on their behalf. Many matchmakers, including New York's Janis Spindel, work exclusively with male clients, and the standard business model was largely built on the premise of bringing potential brides to rich, single men. But that guy-seeking-girl tide has turned, and just as many -- if not more -- gainfully employed women have begun turning to matchmakers to make their romantic dreams come true [source: Froelich ]. Industry statistics report women typically comprise 60 percent of matchmaker customers, in fact [source: The Matchmaking Institute ]. Matchmakers attract clients in one of two ways. People will either seek them out through advertisements, online searches or word of mouth, or matchmakers will proactively recruit wedding-band-free singles at parties, high-end restaurants, airports and other places where affluent adults congregate [source: Spindel and Raymond ]. Before potential clients purchase an official membership, matchmakers will often conduct an initial consultation, sometimes for a nonrefundable fee, to find out what type of relationship they're interested in and with what type of person.

Do you want to start a matchmaking service? If YES, here business model matchmaking a complete guide to starting a matchmaking service business with NO money and no experience. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample matchmaking service marketing plan backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for matchmaking service companies. A matchmaking services company is a company that provides a reliable platform where eligible bachelors and spinsters network to find their life partners, mates or dates. Usually, they run a website where clients display their pictures, profiles and their intentions et al. A matchmaking services company is classified under the dating services industry, and the industry is indeed a big and thriving industry in the United States of America and of course in most countries of the world.

It creates mini-weddings between people who can provide rides and people who need rides. Let me give you a few more examples and then point you in some directions that might help you discover an idea for yourself that you could develop into an online business with the potential of scaling it up. It connects service providers with people who need a service performed. However, its approach to generating revenue is different than Uber.
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There are no special requirements to start a matchmaking service except passion. The business model is simple and it does not require huge start-up funds. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar. The enterprise is highly lucrative because it deals with human situations. Helping people meet potential life business model matchmaking is very rewarding. Matchmaking involves socializing, networking and relationship skills. They achieve this through profiling, questioners, preferences and intuition. The agencies earn huge income from subscriptions, membership fees and other monetary sums. You could launch the enterprise from home, a small office or online. Here are a few ideas on how to start a matchmaking business.

The company develops a product business model matchmaking standardized service and sells it to customers. The value proposition is transactional: to provide a product or standardized service that customers will buy. The company engages with a customer about a problem the customer faces, and provides an integrated solution. The value proposition is relational: to tailor solutions to each customer. The company joins buyers and sellers in its online or physical marketplace. The value proposition is transactional: to facilitate exchange. The company provides different products or services to different customer groups. A multi-party arrangement triadic where a Firm identifies two or more different customer groups A and B; and brings them together on the Firm's digital or physical marketplace. The value proposition of the Firm is transactional, and lies in the matchmaking between A and B via this new marketplace. Trade was one of the first activities of mankind; but making a business from running a marketplace has only recently become widespread.

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