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I've just started playing through P3 for the first time. I'm about halfway through June and the game hasn't really sunk its teeth into me yet. Slow starts are obviously to be expected here, but I've hit persona 3 fes dating fuuka wall and I kinda don't want to keep going. Fuuka's just replaced Mitsuru as the party's support character, and I already can't stand the way she reads her lines. Stuff like Chie's "Aha! Is this our chance" can be endearing when it only happens once in a while, but so far everything that comes out of Fuuka's mouth has been cringe-inducing.

What does I need to have or do to join the music club. T persona 3 fes dating fuuka my it said they weren't taking anymore members? Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account?

Thank you for explaining this. I was unsure as to what some of her abilities did, but now I know. Post a Comment.
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During school and excursions into TartarusFuuka wears her Gekkoukan High uniform with a teal green turtleneck that has flower patterns and white tights. On weekends and days off, she wears a black turtleneck underneath a light green poncho with a yellow flower pattern, a long faded jade-green skirt knee-length in the movie and Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlightblack legging, and black slippers. She is usually seen wearing her turtleneck outfits, except during days off in the summer when she wears a bright aqua green sundress, the beach excursion in Yakushima, the Summer Festival where she wears her yukata, the brief school trip in Kyoto where she is wearing persona 3 fes dating fuuka bathrobe, and New Year's Day at the nearby Shrine where she wears her kimono. In Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlightshe wears a bright teal hoodie with orange writing that says, "FLASH," a black skirt with teal trims, tights with mismatched shades of teal patterns, and teal and orange sneakers. She also wears black headphones over her ears. After 2 years, in Persona 4 Arenashe returns with her hair grown longer, but braided to the front, and her outfit consists of a white-colored sundress with sleeves, black tights, and boots. She goes out of her way to protect her from the Emperor and Empress Shadowsand the two become good friends after she returns to the real world, with Natsuki asking her to call her by her first name. Fuuka loves computers and technology, and can almost always be seen in the dorm on her laptop.

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