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Innocent My little pony dating sims plays a dating simulator Though as he delves further into the game, his attitude towards it begins to take a dramatic turn. Because for Spike it will no longer be just a game. It will become his new way of life. I believe out of all the stories I have written thus far, I had the most fun with this one. Ahhh that ending!

Tired of waiting? Click here to disable ads! What started my little pony dating sims as idle idea-jostling on the ideas team, quickly turned into a bet, and a substantial challenge. As Celestia tells you in the intro scene, you have days to get some ta- uh, I mean, make some friends. Along the way, you'll explore a not so faithfully rendered world of Equestria, have fun adventures with your new friends and maybe get some ta-uh, I mean snazzy rewards and candy!. Try not to die!

Enter Equestria as either a mare or a stallion and meet all the different ponies that live there. Obviously, you can date them. Though, you may want to study, get a job, and buy them stuff as well.
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StudioWhy has released a point-and-click dating sim titled Pony Waifu Sim. You can change the first names, last names, and nicknames to the original character names or just my little pony dating sims them to whatever you want — this also applies to naming the protagonist. In the game, you play as a human that travels through a large mirror in your attic to a strange land where magical ponies can talk and live their lives similar to humans. The first pony you meet is Purple Smart, an alicorn who created the portal that you came through. While speaking to her, Purple was suddenly grabbed by tentacles coming from the portal she opened up. This works, but now the machine is broken and you are stuck in this new world. Pony Waifu Sim lets you spend time with the mane six, but StudioWhy states that there will be more dateable ponies in the future. The alpha functions as a point-and-click game where time passes depending on how you choose to spend your your day. You can spend time with one of the ponies or work at the Hayburger to earn bits, the currency in MLP.

Tired my little pony dating sims waiting? Click here to disable ads! I started this somewhere around when the whole "Alicorn Twilight" thing was announced. Please review and Rate. It's more like a meet n' fuck than a dating simulator.

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